Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blackberry Theme Simply Blocks Red Dark - Updated

My first Blackberry Theme has been approved! It is free. Currently the only version supported is Blackberry Curve 9300. Will be updating the theme and the version supported soon. The idea comes from Windows Phone OS, but cannot fit the portrait screen to the landscape BlackBerry screen, so here it goes.
If you are on your computer, head here. If you are on your mobile phone, type simply blocks in your AppWorld.
If you have suggestions on the theme, comment this post! Other colour will come from request.

*Update 1:
The update for the theme is discontinued.

*Update 2:
I pulled out the theme from the Blackberry AppWorld. I am also not using Blackberry anymore. If you would like to try the theme, you could contact me by leaving a comment. Thanks~