Thursday, June 13, 2013

Messed up situation

I know I have been posting several posts on different projects, but I am kind of having difficulty to focus especially that I am stuck in all my projects. Currently, my main project is still my NUS Orbital project on a lecture crasher for NUS students. Whenever I am stuck and dunno what to do, I tried to work on other ideas instead of wasting time on the Internet as an escape. That's why I have different ongoing ideas (when I am stuck on one, I work on another which stuck again thus another one and so on so forth). Still, sometimes I am trapped on other stuff. Hopefully all my ideas come to fruition.

Social Network Blocker Chrome Extension #0

Github repo

This idea actually came up a while ago for a school project (that is still ongoing). The idea was to make a counter for how long have you spend on social network. Now I am making it into a personal project. Since I am still new to JavaScript and I would like to avoid making the time counter, I am making instead a blocker which would close the Chrome Tab if it is read as a registered social network (now I am trying to make it work for Facebook first). I am facing difficulties due to the unknown territory I am in (new in JavaScript and using chrome API).