Saturday, April 6, 2013

Global Game Jam 2013 - Hallucination of A Night with A Beer Bottle

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I participated in Global Game Jam 2013 in Singapore with a few friends of mine from Game Development Group of NUS. The theme of the jam was heartbeat. Here's a preview of the game:

I had different roles in the team. I wasn't confident of my programming skills so I did the artwork. The base model for the offering statue was made by me (the sprite was made by Sandra). I also made the sprite for the hero when he is sacrificing his HP (the hero and its movement sprite was made by Vanessa). I made the whole thing about the monster. Now, many people in the jam asked me what kind of monster it is. My idea was actually a modified leech. Apparently, it is too gross and too striped to be recognized as a leech.

At some point of the jam, I jumped into some parts of the game programming due to the time constraint that we had and extra programmers were needed (the main programmers were Chunmun and Richard). Notably, I coded the traps' position randomization and the collision detection. They weren't up to my expectation, but they did fine. The game engines were actually made by Richard, and Richard and Chunmun made some other game with that engine before, thus our game developed very fast, just that the many numbers of mechanics involved means extra work was needed.

After our game could run fine, we need to add the sound, because it was a mute game. I made the background music using Soundation, an awesome online free music studio. I made the BGM, but then it sounded to bland, so I added the dubstep bit. Turn down your volume when playing. The sound effect was made by Sandra. I also felt the ruin-kind background image was a little unpleasing on the eye, so I made the grassy plain background.

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