Friday, December 4, 2015


tldr; You can find my future posts in

Hi! I know I have been wishy washy about this, but seeing that Blogger is really not customizable, I decided to move to Jekyll for future posts.

Currently the new blog site is empty as my hands are quite full right now. I will move the posts in this blog to the Jekyll blog eventually. For the time being, the Jekyll blog will be very plain; the goal is it can share my thoughts to people. I have a lot of plans for it though.

The main reason for me to move from Blogger to Jekyll is design. Blogger uses its own design so-called-language which does not really follow current HTML development. Its proper documentation is nowhere to be found and learning about it from other people's design is not exactly efficient and maintainable. With Jekyll, normal HTML development can be used.

In the future, I will customise the Jekyll blog site to look nice. I will also add things like labels, comment system and other features that Blogger currently support, but not for now.

Thanks and have a nice day! :D

PS: a small update - I disabled the purchase of my Unity Tutorial because of a T&C update from the service I am using (Selz). I am looking for another alternative and will update things accordingly once it is done.

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